Band and Orchestra Repair

“Onsite repair services are available for universities, public/private schools and drum corps!”

Keep your instrument in good playing condition by having it checked over at least twice a year or at the first sign of trouble. Simple, inexpensive, and regular maintenance will prevent costly repairs later on.

Woodwind Good Play Condition

Keys and other removable parts necessary for the repair are removed. All necessary pads, felts and corks (up to 4 total) are removed from keys and body. Felts, corks, and pads are replaced as necessary (up to 4 pads total & each additional pad is $8). Instrument is reassembled, if necessary. New & old pads are leveled properly to corresponding tone-holes. Keys are properly adjusted and regulated, as necessary for the repair. Keys are properly lubricated. The instrument is play-tested. The surface of the instrument is wiped down and case cleaned. Clean and disinfect mouthpiece.

Brass Good Play Condition

The instrument is disassembled and basic cleaned using a non-harmful but effective solution. All waterkey corks and valve felts are replaced as necessary. The instrument is lubricated and reassembled – tuning and hand slides fit/aligned as necessary. Mouthpiece is cleaned, disinfected and polished. Instrument is play tested and wiped off. Parts are additional. Excessive dents or stuck slides are additional. Internal cleans do not include polishing of silver plating or raw brass. Clean case

UVC Germicidal Lamp System

A great cleaning option for woodwinds and instrument cases! UVC system deploys ultraviolet light in the range of 200 nm to 300 nm, which is then absorbed by DNA, RNA and proteins. This process ruptures the cell walls of microorganisms (bacteria and mold), effectively killing them.

Ultrasonic Chemical Cleaner

Bill Smith Music is now offering Ultrasonic Chemical Cleans!! This is a large state of the art machine that cleans musical instruments by submerging them in a non toxic solution and then blasts ultrasonic sound waves through the liquid and instrument to vibrate off the dirt. NOTHING can compare to what this machine can do!!

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Magnetic Dent Removal

“Bill Smith Music is now offering extreme dent repair on all brass instruments. Using modern techniques with magnetic dent removal the cost & repair time is kept low while achieving amazing results.”

When brass is manipulated, it becomes more brittle and susceptible to
cracking and further injury. This is due to the stretching of the materials during the repair. Magnetic dent removal is a safer alternative that alleviates much of this distress. This process involves a steel ball being rolled inside the dented area of the instrument. The Rare Earth magnets are encased in a patented handle assembly that is used on the outside of the instrument. The magnetic end of the handle assembly is placed on
the outside of the dented area to grab the steel ball inside. The dented brass is now sandwiched between the steel ball and the magnet. Using a back and forth motion, the magnet will pull the steel ball through the body of the instrument, thus removing the dent safely and quickly. A Mylar disc and spray wax are the only substances you need to have between the MDRS disc and the surface of the instrument to prevent scratching. The MDRS is especially helpful when repairing hard to reach dents that normally would require extensive time disassembling and reassembling the instrument.
  These dents are inaccessible with conventional dent repair tooling. With the MDRS kit, these dents are more easily and less abrasively removed allowing for a much nicer finished look!