Bill Smith, one of Atlanta’s most exciting, dynamic, and creative saxophone performers, is available for booking.

Bill is seeking serious performance opportunities with music professionals. Bill is an experienced, multi-faceted, talented performer who is capable of fronting a high-energy live show, anchoring a horn section, providing an impeccable solo on any recording project, and of course, enhancing any live performer’s show. In addition to world-class sax work, Bill brings movie-star looks and personality to the stage. Always impeccably outfitted, Bill always attracts tremendous attention and anticipation to any stage he steps on.

If you are looking for a saxophonist who brings it every time.

If you need a sax man who is well versed in Blues, Rock, Funk, R&B, Contemporary Jazz and Original Music … Look no further!

Bill currently plays sax with BAND X "ALT's favorite Party Band"

Band X Celebrity show in Las Vegas at The Hard Rock for 4000 people! This is a side shot of me JAMMIN’ to “Better Now” by Collective Soul. Ohhhh and thats Ed Roland fronting his tunes in the white jacket!