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We currently service all of the rentals in Georgia For This company has a wide selection to chose from on their user friendly website. Direct payment and home delivery are some convenient options they offer as well!

Instrument brands we are a dealer with:

  • Blessing
  • F.E. Olds
  • System Blue Marching Brass & Percussion
  • All BAC musical instruments
  • Jupiter
  • Sax Dakota
  • Phaeton Brass
  • Gemeinhardt
  • Buffett
  • Mapex  

Sax Dakota

Sax Dakota is an Illinois-based saxophone line created by Peter LaPlaca in 2002, which features top-grade professional alto and tenor saxophones “engineered and hand-built with expert craftsmanship, impeccable mechanical quality, and uncompromising beauty.” Sax Dakota’s products are made by highly skilled professionals, combining exceptional design and engineering innovation for optimal performance. Sax Dakota offers curved and straight models of alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones, as well as baritone saxophones.

Respected saxophonists who use the Sax Dakota brand include Jason Parfait, Yancyy, Darron McKinney, D-Erania, Phil Ciancio, Brian Lenair, Gareth ‘Big G’ Lumbers, LeiLani Vidal, Eddie Berg, Zdany Chisholmm, and Grammy-nominated recording artist LaDarrel Johnson, among many others.

Phaeton Brass

Once in a lifetime, a new and revolutionary product exceeds the designer’s expectations! PHAETON earned this honor.

THIS new dynamic trumpet exudes both neo-classic art design coupled with state-of-the-art metallurgy and up-to-date acoustic technology.

This exceptional professional trumpet was designed to satisfy every performance need of a working artist: intonation, resonance, balance, projection and enhanced valve action are examples of the visionary thinking of the engineers who collaborated to make this custom trumpet a reality.

PHAETON…is certainly beyond everyone’s expectations. Combined passion and vision were essential, as this rich sounding instrument began its journey from conception to completion. Consider its centered focused power, enhanced projection, innovative valve cluster construction and heavy weight top/bottom cap design as truly new benchmarks which have “raised the bar” for those competitors still searching for their PHAETON.